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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of a consultation?

The consultation fee may vary from Ophthalmologist to Ophthalmologist it is best to contact your preferred doctor’s rooms directly and enquire about their fees. Fees may also depend on whether it is an initial or follow up consultation. Visit our Doctors page to get your chosen Ophthalmologists contact details.

I have a simple problem – will I need to go through all of the tests?

There are a number of standard tests that each Ophthalmologist does, depending on your complaint, symptoms or problem further tests may be required. Whilst you may feel these tests are unnecessary they will help your doctor diagnose the correct and best treatment options for you. 

Am I eligible for Laser eye surgery (Lasik)?

To be eligible for the treatment you should:

  • Be at least 17 years old, with refraction having remained stable for at least one year (there is no maximum age, but presbyopia – a condition that many times requires bifocals in patients over 40 years of age – should be considered)
  • Have no active eye disease
  • Be in good health
What do I need to know before surgery at Medical Forum Theatre?
Admission times

Pre Admissions and Admissions are open from Monday to Thursday from 07:00 am to 16:30 pm and on Fridays from 07:00 am to 16:00 pm. Kindly come in at least 2 days prior to your surgery to “Book Your Bed” and finalise all the administration for your procedure. Alternatively, patients can complete the Pre-Admissions Form available on our website (www.medicalforumtheatre.co.za) or download the forms and email the completed documentation with the necessary additional documentation to number@eyeandlasersa.com.


All medical aid schemes require patients to obtain authorisation before their procedure. Please ensure that you (the patient) phone your medical aid to obtain a pre-authorisation number before your day of surgery. Should you arrive for your procedure without a valid authorisation from your medical aid, we will unfortunately not be able to proceed with your admission. This will result in a time delay of your procedure being done and/or possibly cancelled. Should you wish to proceed without medical aid authorisation, you will then be treated as a Private Patient and will be required to settle the hospital fees upfront before you are admitted.

Please ensure that the following information is correct on the authorization:

  • Patient Details
  • Treatment Date – is for one day only (should your date change, please let your medical aid know)
  • Attending Doctor – who will be doing the surgery
  • Facility – Medical Forum Theatre – Practice Number 7700873 (very important)

What to bring with you for each & every visit:

  • The Main Members ID book
  • The Patients ID book (in the case of a minor, a copy of the birth certificate)
  • Medical Aid Card reflecting details of main member & all dependents
  • Proof of authorisation received from your medical aid
Visitor Restrictions

No visitors are allowed to accompany patients into the facility and are asked to either wait in their vehicle or return once the patient’s procedure or consultation has been completed. Only ONE parent / legal guardian of a minor or a support person for patients with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities/limitations or cognitive impairment who require assistance will be allowed into the facility if they have undergone the screening process as well as COVID19 testing, and followed the self-isolation process as explained above.

Your visit

Your stay with us will be approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the procedure. Please understand that this time is just a guideline. We suggest that you bring something with you to pass the time. MFT offers free WiFi to our patients, the username and password can be obtained at reception. There is also a coffee shop in The Eye and Laser Institute building next door for your visitor’s convenience.

Firearms, Money and other valuables

No firearms are permitted on the premises. Our patients and their visitors are requested to please leave their weapons at home. We strongly advise that you leave all your valuables (jewellery, money, cards, cell phones and
handbags) at home or ask your family to take care of these items.

What do I need to do before my surgery?

Most of the procedures will be done under local anaesthetic – this means that generally no special preparations are needed. Your doctor and his team will advise you at your consultation whether you need to do any specific preparation such as not eating beforehand. Please speak to your doctor regarding this as well as if you have any specific concerns.

Will my medical aid pay for my consultation and procedure?

Most South African medical aids are accepted at The Eye and Laser Institute however we recommend that you contact your Medical Aid to verify your level of cover.

How long will my procedure take?

Each procedure is different but due to technological advancements and techniques these ophthalmic treatments/procedures are now all day cases and you will return home on the same day as your procedure.

Will my procedure be painful?

You should not feel any pain during your procedure. The majority of procedures are now done under local anaesthetic, although you will still be awake your eye/s will be numb preventing any pain. You may experience some discomfort but the surgical team will explain exactly what you should expect before your procedure. A mild sedative is sometimes also prescribed to help you feel more relaxed.


” A small little operation might be something big for someone else. That someone is me. I’m always anxious and fear gets the best of me, but I felt absolutely nothing and the procedure was pain-free from the anaesthetist to the surgeon. Thank you to all my colleagues who worked with me and made me Calm.
I am so grateful. ”